What exactly is
the Belvedere?

The Belvedere is exactly what you need to get that old board equipped with a variety of fins you already have

Why do you need it?

  • Lots of old fins oxidize over time and break causing you to need a replacement
  • No need to switch out boxes to get a better ride 
  • Give yourself options and an advantage for vintage board competitions
  • Avoid reparing and replacing a box which can cost $200+
  • Finding a fin that fits your current board can cost $300+

Handmade in USA

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Fits most

Surfing matters to us.

Every opportunity we have to get out on the water is a blessing.  No matter the board or the location time spent in and on the water is time well spent.  Recently I have wanted to ride the boards of old but have struggled to find fins to change the feel or find fins at all.  Current options to “modernize” these boards either destroyed the collectability or destroyed the structure of the board.  These options didn’t make sense for me and my friends so we created The Modernizer, which after some serious testing and iterations allowed us to quickly take a W.A.V.E. Set box and install a modern fin.  Not only can we now experiment and ride these boards with modern fins, but the length of the slot in The Modernizer allows us to ride fins in different locations than these boards have ever been ridden. 

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MSRP $149.99

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Precision Machined Delrin

Delrin® acetal homopolymer is the ideal material in parts designed to replace metal. It combines low-friction and high-wear resistance with high strength and stiffness.

Fits Most Modern Fins

Fits boards with a base length of 8.5" allowing for a variety of modern fins to be used.

Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Created for and by a surfer on Long Beach Island with a desire to utilize all his fins on all his boards. It is now manufactured in Savannah, Georgia